A colourful mixture, dynamically presented and from the first number an exuberant atmosphere is assured: Patchwork offers pantomime, clownery and acrobatics of the finest. Full of variation, unexpected, spontaneous.

The performance consists of two parts. In the first one Linaz jumps in a breathtaking tempo from short story to short story. Here he deals with the perfidy of the object when a simple role of adhesive tape triggers ludicrous slapstick.

Or the spectators will witness what kind of extremely unusual forms newsprint can take. And he doesn’t mince matters when it comes to commenting on slight coughing, blowing one’s nose and similar utterances of the audience.

The second part of the programme is dedicated to Standup Comedy. Here the artist with visible pleasure picks up the balls the audience passes to him. Shouting it out is enough and Linaz himself will play a toothbrush if it is desired. In short: A fireworks of hilariously funny improvisations.