With this character fun is guaranteed for everybody. Linaz is manifold and for the given occasion assumes the role of Friedrich Visch. He’s THE "VIP's manager" for your next gala evening! Someone who provides you the right drive.

What characterizes Mr. Friedrich Visch is his organizational talent. The man simply controls everything that is meaningless for your gala. Every little thing is organised fastidiously and single-handedly. Which, of course, does not lack consequences. Even banalities thus become weighty events which will be remembered well by everybody for a long time.

It goes without saying that this piece of luck of a VIP’s manager particularly takes care of the guests. For him nothing is more important than their well-being. You can see this already when he receives them individually and guides them perfectly to their table. Or - any time in control of the situation - he changes the seating completely, without further ado. In other words: For your occasion there can be only one: Visch. Friedrich Visch.